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Alicia Moore 2013– Founder of Bayside Tanning Salon

Bayside Tanning Salon was founded by the amazing Alicia Moore back in 2013. Alicia is young but her ambitious personality left her business booming and since we’ve been open, Bayside has become a large part of the community in Hesperia, California. We’re all about educating and finding the best methods tips and tricks when it comes to tanning. Safety is our number one priority, that and customer service, of course. That is why we provide many different alternatives for our guests so that everyone can enjoy tanning on their terms. This activity gets a bad wrap and we aren’t blind to it. Alicia wanted to ensure that all people were informed of the risks involved with tanning, which is why at the front desk, we provide educational pamphlets regarding skin cancer awareness. Alicia enjoys being outdoors, hiking and adventuring. She’s also a bit of a yoga fanatic! If you’d like to contact us, you can send an email to