Our Friends

  1. Self Tanning: This site is a great first place to look when deciding on whether or not spray tanning is right for you. They have videos and tips too!
  2. Cosmopolitan: Almost everyone knows Cosmo and if they’ve got a great article on what to expect the first time you go spray tanning.
  3. Tips For Tanning: A great resource for all things tanning. They give advice from beds and lotions to sunless tanning and skin care.
  4. Bellatory: Curious to know how to get the best tan from a tanning bed? Bellatory can tell you!
  5. Medical Daily: Safety is key when it comes to tanning and this blog can tell you the best ways to protect yourself when tanning outdoors.
  6. Rivertea: This blog has useful information on how to keep your skin looking its best if you’re a tanner.
  7. Medicine Net: Sometimes burns happen and when they do, you’ll want to know the best ways to ease the pain. This site talks all about the best home remedies for caring for a burn.
  8. Minetanbodyskin: For the best results, treat the skin appropriately. Getting a flawless tan isn’t as simply as hopping into a bed. This site will teach you the best methods before tanning to get the glow you’ve always wanted.

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